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Prospective Student Resources

Choosing An Advisor

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Work-Life Balance

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9 Tips for First-Year Students

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Current Students Resources

Employee Assistance Program

The EAP provides a range of resources, from counseling and consultation to strategies for reducing the stress of University employees. The EAP strives to best serve University employees by cultivating inclusion and promoting diversity in all of its operations.

Supporting Students in Distress

The Counseling and Mental Health Center provides a guide for faculty when helping a student who is experiencing distress. This guide provides outlines for checking in with the student, providing resources, and encouraging self-care.

Working with Students with Disabilities

Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) provides a guide for faculty and staff to ensure that students with disabilities have equal access to the information, materials, and experiences in class. This guide also provides guidance for how to help students get registered with SSD.

History of the Black Experience

This abbreviated online course taught by Dr. Leonard Moore inspects the Black experience in America, primarily in the period from 1865 to the present. The course consists of 6 90-minute sessions chosen by Dr. Moore to best highlight the historical themes and issues that most relate to the contemporary Black life in America.

University Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Resources

The University of Texas at Austin Libraries Diversity Action Committee provides an introductory educational reading list for individuals who want to become better allies or understand different perspectives than their own. This list is not comprehensive and is open to recommendations for additions.

Diversity Education Certificate

The Division of Diversity and Community Engagement and Human Resources collaborated to offer a Diversity Education Certificate through UT Learn Courses. The purpose of the courses is to help UT Austin employees learn more about managing diverse teams and working with students, staff, and faculty from all backgrounds.

Gender and Sexuality Center Workshops

The Gender and Sexuality Center offers workshops and training to make the UT campus welcoming and affirming for women and LGBTQIA+ people and people with more than one of these identities. These workshops are intended for members of the UT Austin community, regardless of whether they identify as women or LGBTQIA+ and use an intersectional and interactive approach in fostering allyship practices.

University DEI Events

UT hosts a number of diversity, equity, and inclusion-related events throughout the academic year. These events focus on topics including managing bias, affirming LGBTQIA+ people, setting boundaries, racial and LGBT microaggressions, and implicit bias in the workplace.

Medicare Resources For Immigrant Populations

This resource helps guide seniors and disabled immigrants and their families through the Medicare enrollment process. The resource answers common questions about the different parts of Medicare, walks through what is and isn’t covered by the federal health insurance program, and most importantly, has translations for over 20 different languages.

Organizations Across Campus

Graduate Engineering Council

GEC aims to represent the interests of the graduate engineers at The University of Texas at Austin. The GEC fulfills this purpose, serving as a liaison between the Office of the Dean of Engineering, the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies and graduate engineers in the College of Engineering.

Black Graduate Student Association

BGSA aims to empower and support black graduate students at UT. Through academic programming, professional development, community engagement, and social events, BGSA addresses the needs of black graduate students while also serving as a safe space for learning and discussion.

Society of Women Engineers Graduate Committee

The Society of Women Engineers Graduate Committee at the University of Texas at Austin was started in the Fall of 2008 by Anne Silverman and Prinda Wanakule in response to the lack of events tailored to graduate women in engineering and computer science.  

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LGBTQIA+ Engineers

LGBTQIA+ Engineers intends to recruit, retain, and graduate LGBTQ+ students and allies by providing a safe space for discussion, awareness, and support. They host frequent socials and meetings to provide a safe space for people to talk about LGBTQ+ issues and get to know each other, in addition to advocating for LGBTQ+ people in engineering and beyond.

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Black Faculty/Staff Association

BFSA serves as a unified voice to university administration about the concerns and needs of African-American faculty, staff, and students on campus. They promote professional development, mentoring, networking, wellness, scholarships, and cultural programs that emphasize the legacy and traditions of the African-American community.

Hispanic Faculty/Staff Association

HFSA is a campus-wide organization that provides opportunities for social and cultural interaction among Hispanic/Latino as well as other interested professionals at The University of Texas at Austin. We encourage communication, support networking, serve as a voice for cultural and educational issues, and promote employment and career opportunities.

Pride and Equity Faculty/Staff Association

PEFSA advances UT’s educational mission by cultivating a safe and inclusive environment that values, celebrates and affirms the sexual and gender diversity of UT Austin’s faculty and staff members (including graduate students). They strive to increase visibility and to encourage meaningful involvement of LGBTQ+ and allied faculty and staff within the campus community as well as to advocate workplace equity and to promote educational growth in a climate of mutual respect.